Share stories, grab your audience's attention with the AudioColumn. It's an interactive way of learning and entertainment. Spin the turning wheel to generate sustainable Human Powered Energy and listen to fascinating stories, information and more. Tell something about the local fauna and flora, share the history of your city. You can even create your own [...]



The DJ-Post can turn any dull moment into a party! Take out your phone and select your favorite song, place it on the pick-up pad, spin the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy and enjoy the music! The DJ-Post amplifies any sound that comes out of your smartphone. Youtube, Spotify or locally stored music, it [...]



Jumping has never been this much fun and rewarding. Simply jump on the JumpStone to generate energy and be amazed! The JumpStone uses your energy to create music and other sounds. But the JumpStone can also be used in other ways, like a fitness tool for example. Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping [...]



Sit back, swing and relax. The AudioBench is a unique bench designed for the public space. By simply sitting on the bench and swinging it back and forth, Human Powered Energy will be generated. This energy is used to make music and sounds! Have the bench play your favorite songs or stories. Or maybe place [...]



The GameNetic is a game console designed for the public space. Start the game by pumping the foot pedal a few times. Once charged, you can choose from 4 different games. These fun and interactive games are played by using the two illuminated push buttons, the foot pedal and the display. The GameNetic brings all [...]



The AudioZone is a truly unique piece of playground equipment with endless playing possibilities. Spin the handle in the middle to generate Human Powered Energy, pick a game by hitting one of the four Sidekicks and play! It can be played alone or with a group of friends. There are four fun and unique games [...]



The AudioSense is something that you’ve never seen or experienced before! It is a playground equipment that utilizes music and... aroma’s! Start by spinning the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy. This sustainable energy is then used to make sounds and spread the smell of almost anything you want: strawberry, lemon, vanilla, aqua, chocolate...



Spin the handle, generate Human Powered Energy, pick one of the 3 games and go! Play on one side or the other side! Play with a ball or use your hands and feet! The ShotSpot can be used in a variety of ways. The Shotspot has 6 panels with a sensor and a bright LED [...]



The fun starts by spinning the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy. Both display and sounds will tell you when the GameWall is charged. Now it’s time to play one of the four unique and fun games: Speedtest, Lights Out, Reaction or Follow the Light. Big push buttons with bright LED lighting, a clear display [...]



Do you have what it takes to take the KineticSpinner for a spin? Hold on tight because you're in for a ride! As soon as it starts to spin, Human Powered Energy will be generated. This sustainable form of energy is used to produce an epic light show with incredible music. Once it is fully [...]

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